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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 10, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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is alive and well. please, how is this happening? >> it's incredible and something that is really under reported. 11 members of the american front got arrested near orlando just last week because they were attempting to initiate a race war. they have been charged for illegal parra military training and also attempting to shoot an occupy dwelling. channel 9 has more details. >> reporter: according to reports, the group made plans to spark a race war may 1st, and according to groups who have tracked the organization, it was not a joke. reports show the american front members learned about an anti racism group known as reds that
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planned to protest may 1st, the accused white supremacists were planning the attack. they even scouted out the area in a car loaded with ak-47s and other weapons. >> so these -- this group of people were stockpiling weapons. they were planning on doing something extremely violent. thankfully an informant notified officials, and they were able to stop the situation before it occurred. however, the american front is not a joke. this is a very serious, dangerous organization, and they have a history of violence in fact another local news report talks about the history of the american front. >> reporter: members of the american front in other parts of the country have been connected to brutal assaults and murders especially in the early 1990s.
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the two leaders of the st. cloud group are out on a half million dollars bond each the remaining group members are still in jail apparently unable to pay their high bonds. three of those suspects appeared in cages at the back of the courtroom. >> that is incredible. right-wing extremism in this country is a real problem, and it needs to be addressed. >> it does. and the idea they were held in cages is because they are animals, and should be held in cages, but by the same token, i'm wondering, and asking you as well, if we're going to have this conversation show these people and report these stories, it is better to ignore people like this to a degree and not give them the space on television? >> i can see an upside to that.
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you say you certainly don't want to inspire more of it or make it seem bigger than it is. on the other hand we can't be neutral about what drives some of this hatred a lot of it is about fear what kind of identity they develop, and when we believe it alone it festers. so again, leaving it alone, it can fester. >> it also spikes during recessions and joblessness -- >> and certainly during a black president. >> yeah. >> i think if you take kind of a journey down right-wing militant history lane you have ruby ridge where they got into a federal government followed by waco and then oklahoma city. ana one of the members of this group is in the national guard; is that right? >> yes, his name is ryan riley and he is with the national guard based in missouri. and he has been training them on
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military tactics so they can utilize that for whatever violence they want to carry out in the future. but tricia going back to what you said earlier, maybe there are some benefits together no -- not giving these people any air time but you have to bring a story to light. let me read you part of a newsletter that got a little bit of attention: basically saying they need an armed revolution if obama gets recollected. >> i want to comment on this. one of the things we don't acknowledge is hate groups like the ku klux klan for example were elected officials. and one of the problems of being silent about this is we get it's a group of small crack pots
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philosophy which is entirely untrue. >> it is. the southern poverty law center dedicates a lot of time on focusing on hate groups and domestic terrorists. and they found that right-wing terrorism is a real issue in the country. by 2011 there were 1,018 groups. and when it comes to right-wing militia group in one year they increased 60%. >> it's incredible. >> looking at the history of americans, often we even think back to [ inaudible ] you think it is a leftist group, but it has been these right-wing groups that have been violent all along. >> right. >> another really incredible thing that i had to bring up is last year alternate published a really excellent piece on the
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dhs, and they had a small department focused on right-wing extremism in the country, and they released a report and saw that it was a real issue in the country that needed to be addressed. well what did the, right-wing do? they looked at this and criticized it and said how dare you, the real problem are the muslims, and they cut the number of officials within their department and whittled it down to only one person who is focusing on right-wing extremism. >> it was be nice if he spent a couple of hours with the southern poverty center and look at the map. ana kasparian, really fantastic and interesting stuff. thanks so much. >> thank you. when we come back we have our power panel. we are talk about syria and
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♪ indeed it is "the young turks" power panel, and we are joined by washington, d.c. by joel legman and michael hastings is right by my side as always. gentlemen terrible news out of syria today. syria is the scene of so much carnage. this is the worst. let's see a little bit about the bombings in syria today.
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[ explosion ] >> two huge explosions in quick succession that shook the sirrian capitol. it is thought suicide bombers had been traveling in vehicles packed with explosives the attack was clearly planned to inflict mass casualties. >> sounds even more grave with an english accent like that. with the world sitting on its hands with syria, is it time? >> it is certainly terrible what is going on in syria, and i think understandably people are asking what can we do. but this is a really complicated situation, even more so than say libya, because there is a lot of dissension even among the opposition in syria. if you topple the government there might be a risk of igniting a civil war or a proxy
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war between the united states or whatever allies you can get together and either iran or russia. so it's a very complicated situation. they have very extensive missile, air-defense systems that can be taken out. so it's unclear if there is a path forward where you make the situation better and not worse. >> listen to what judd is saying it is complicated, but at a certain point you see all of this death, and i would argue is there not a civil war going on there already. >> i agree. i had a really bad feeling this morning when i saw this news. it reminded me of bagdad. in 2009 i was a few blocks away from one of these bombings. they are loud.
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they kill hundreds of people, and it is bad. and the fact that the government is so unstable that they are no longer able to prevent these attacks from happening, and you can have an attack in the capitol city of syria that does this much damage would suggest they are on the brink of some massive violence. >> yeah. going by what you are saying it is complicated, it's a slippery slope when we go into situations like this. what are the options now? going to china and russia and say we need you to be active now? >> i think that's probably the first step is that you don't have the kind of coalition that you saw form before libya even available. you have got to get more countries who are willing and able to apply pressure and i
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think if you go beyond that and you think about possible interventions, you have got to come up with a strategy to get the civilian population into safe zones, and i think that's also a very complicated thing. it may involve, you know, ground forces of some sorts, but those are the kind of things you would have to work out and figure out, because you don't want to come in with a situation designed to stop civilian casualties and create more. >> i think that's true john. i'm glad we are having this conversation because i don't think america and the media is talking about syria enough. but i think we're going to look back on this in the united states if this really blows up and more people start dying and dying and dying, as perhaps a missed opportunity. but we move on to the united states now, and we talk a little bit about the republicans and whether or not they are distancing themselves from -- a lot of these issues that -- you
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know that we're talking about gay marriage and i wanted to know if in fact the gop is able to win by staying away from gay marriage. here is john boehner, the speaker of the house. >> i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. and the president and the democrats can talk about all of this all they want but the fact is the american people are focused on our economy and they are asking the question where are the jobs? >> so michael hastings i want to ask you, if this is the tactic of the gop to just ignore what hand yesterday, can they win doing that? >> i don't think so. i think they are going to hit it hard eventually. guess who mitt romney is going on friday? to north carolina. so i think they are going to at some point use gay marriage as an issue. the poll numbers you showed at the beginning of the show showing in the swing states how unpopular it still is.
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so i think they will use it. >> judd it seems almost like a trend. you heard mitt romney about marijuana saying let's start talking about jobs. and john boehner saying let's talk about jobs. are they going to start saying that now? >> i think certainly that's been their line and down the line not just romney and boehner, but all down the line of the gop leadership, and i think it's really telling. i think it will be interesting to see if michael is right and if it does become a big issue or if they have made the judgment that this is not a winning issue anymore. and people aren't motivated to vote on this issue. and it's really a striking thing if that's the case because just as recently as 2004 people like karl rove were going around the country, planting ballot initiatives just to turn out their base on this very issue of same-sex marriage. so we have seen the muted
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response of the first couple of days. whether or not it changes, i think it is an open and good question. >> judd thanks a lot for being on "the young turks" today. coming up we have the help. the real story behind domestic workers in our country. and brave new ad campaigns to
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battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. very interesting story for you now. cuentame is an organization that advocates for immigrant rights they released a video today, and they are trying to fight for the rights of immigrant workers.
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and now they have an advocacy group, because when you hear the stories in this video, you will be shocked to know the conditions under which so many people in this country work. ♪ [ speaking spanish ] >> were you listening to that? she made $50 a week. she said she worked from 6:00 am until midnight. $50 a week and there is nobody to stand up for them. right now in the california assembly there is a bill called the california domestic workers
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bill of rights. silt now sitting in the california senate and, you know, just to show you what would be in a bill like that the kind of benefits which you wouldn't even think they would have to work to afford. they would get overtime pay, meal breaks and time off. it's progress but it's shocking that people can treat people that which in 2012. with me is axel caballero, the founder of cuentame. thanks for being on "the young turks." >> thanks for having me. >> looking at this story, it's something that gets oversight, because it's not something that people think about all the time. the notion that somebody works for, you know, 18 hours a day and gets $50 a week is shocking. >> and these stories are particularly the ones on the video are imply mattic of what is happening statewide and nationwide. there is a movement to provide
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for the infrastructure and framework of real rights for individuals like the -- the ones featured in the video who really have stories of abuse, who really have these stories that really get to you, because they are behind closed doors. they don't talk amongst each other. it's very easy to ignore this issue, so that's why we're putting together this video. >> and new york state did a similar thing in 2010. now moves to california. >> it is sitting in the california senate. what now? >> there's definitely very strong momentum right now, and that is what -- this is the reason why we're pushing right now, because we need those signatures. we need people to knock on the doors, sign the petitions that we have to watch the video, because right now the pressure mounting, and it will soon soon most likely pass the senate floor, and governor brown will have it on his desk. >> who opposes it?
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are there people voting against something like to? do they see it as an immigrant abuse bill? what is the kind of person that would oppose a bill like this? >> we would like to believe that it has widespread support which it does but there is a minority group particularly health and service agencies provider agencies, forprofits that have put a lot of money that would impact their profits and the way they treat their workers, because it's affected by this particular legislation. those are the ones that are mainly putting in the opposition, and that is very unfortunate because this protection of basic rights benefits everyone. >> yeah you would think -- when you said it was healthcare service suppliers, you would think that those are the people that would want to pay people
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well because they would be wanting to get the good care and when you hear man, how in the world can anybody stand up against a bill like this it seems like a basic human -- just good working conditions. what is the makeup -- are you running into the opponents of illegal immigration in this country that are fighting this? >> yeah, and this is not necessarily an immigration bill. this is a worker's right bill. and it is often gets confused. there is a specific case -- and the basics are that everyone should have these worker's rights conditions. they are basic, they are fair wages, getting compensated for overtime work, another provision says that you have to sleep eight hours, it seems so simple and straightforward, but that is what is not happening. >> it is not happening with my either. no but i understand that all of these basic rights need to be
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protected. and i thank cuentame for doing the work for that. for axel caballero thank for coming back on "the young turks" and fighting that fight. >> thanks so much. >> the former governor of new york eliot spitzer is next how are you tonight, governor? >> wonderful, every night is dazzling you know that. it will be a great show. the same-sex marriage debate continues. should the president left the definition to the states obviously that conversation continues, plus the staggering news that jpmorgan chase lost $2 billion last quarter on its own priority trading, and we have bay buchanan here to discuss, slash debate wall street reform. and then james hanson who had the spectacular op-ed in the
7:53 pm
"new york times" about global warming. we'll have a great discussion with him as well. >> governor spitter is i never doubt the dazzle. we will watch "viewpoint" tonight. >> to thank you. next we bring you gloerj clooney and the $40,000 a ticket dinner there. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. it's gonna be a casual thing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪ ♪ planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return.
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eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we will drill down on the day's top stories in search of facts that inform.
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president obama is here in los angeles and if you even know somebody who subscribes to president obama email list you know he is at a party at george clooney's house. $40,000 a ticket. but that doesn't make everybody happy. the republicans come out and they say, oh my god, i can't believe this president is doing that. here is a republican response to the dinner at george clooneys. ♪ >> they think he is too cool too celebrity like. they think he has no business hobnobbing with hollywood. isn't this part of the deal?
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>> yeah hollywood is part of america. one of our number one cultural exports. more power to him. >> look first of all, i think soul music does make your life better. and they have any nerve complaining about hobnobbing. >> they do. barbara barbara streisand and others will be there. if you were going to the party who would you bring. >> it would have to be rihanna, allegedly rihanna likes to smoke the weed. >> i would go with wanda psychs. >>
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